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    Manufacturer BULKAMINO
    Treatment HYDRATION
    Prescription/Non prescription Non prescription
    Packaging Type pouch
    Weight 1kg
    Shelf life 18 months

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  • Advance Nutratech L-Glutamine (Pineapple | Free Shaker | 30 Servings)
    1400 640
    • Try this for the most healthy sugar-less, whey based, casein added weight gainer
    • Carbs – 70gms. Added sugar – nil fibre – 2gms glutamine 16gms
    • (Whey protein concentrate 70 percent and soya protein isolate, calcium caseinate) acesulfame-k gum xanthan
    • Vitamin premix contain permitted nature identical flavors and preservatives
    • Additional information: contains milk, nut and soy ingredients
  • Advance Nutratech Creatine Monohydrate Micronized Powder
    499 280
    • Suggested serving: flavored: 10gm and unflavored 5 gm. Creatine works in cycle
    • Creatine exists naturally in our bodies and helps fuel our muscles, which is why some people take it
    • Advance Nutratech products are well researched for better results, performance and efficacy.
    • Post workout: but don’t forget about the crucial post-exercise recovery opportunity
    • How much to take: we recommend taking creatine half an hour before training and another immediately
  • Advance Nutratech L-Glutamine
    1400 640
    • Glutamine in its purist form, there are no additives, dyes or other nonsense in this bag! If you don’t have glutamine in your arsenal of supplements you need to and here is why glutamine plays key
    • Dosing should be anywhere from 5 g a day to about 10 g a day there are no negative side effects from this not even as much as a stomach ache it’s key to take your biggest doses before and following
    • When mixed with water, glutamine has a somewhat odd, maybe bitter, taste you will not find it to be objectionable enough that i need to add it to anything flavoured, however glutamine powder does not
    • Other flavours in unflavoured, blueberry, watermelon, mojito orange,, lemon mint, pineapple flavour green apple, cola vegetarian source
    • Glutamine is the major constituent of the immune system
    700 350
    Packaging Size 1kg
    Manufacturer ADVANCE NUTRATECH
    Composition GLUCOSE
    Prescription/Non prescription Non prescription
    Shelf life 18 MONTHS
    Minimum Order Quantity 1500 1kg
  • Taurine
    1199 450
    • Health Nervous System
    • Health Liver Function
    • Health Digestive System
  • Amino Fusion
    2149 1100
    • Best pre-workout Powder for energy, strength and pumps.
    • Top pre-workout drink for physique improvements.
    • Nitric oxide boosting pre-workout supplement.
  • Glutamine
    1649 900
    • Great results when combined with exercise and proper diet
    • With every serving of Bulkamino L-Glutamine, you get 5g of L-Glutamine that helps in boosting the recovery process and restricts muscle breakdown.
    • This product is free from any kind of adulteration and contains micro-filtered L-Glutamine that your muscles are easily able to absorb and show better results
    • Assists in speeding up recovery after a workout, may improve your body’s metabolism and immune system
    • Bulkamino L-Glutamine helps in enhancing the vasodilation which enables more blood flow to your muscles and thus results in enhanced muscle volume and higher stamina
  • L-Carnitine , L-Tartrate
    1799 900
    • Fat Burner
    • 2 Gm Dosage
    • 100 Servings
  • Advance Nutratech Taurine 60 Capsules 500mg
    600 320
    • Taurine helps in keeping healthy the digestive system the nervous system and healthy liver function
    • Supplement facts: no artificial, zero sweetener, zero additives add nutrition, zero fillers
    • Zero impurities dosage as per label
  • Advance Nutratech Arginine 100G Unflavoured
    699 360
    • Supplement facts: no artificial, zero sweetener, zero additives add nutrition: zero fillers, zero impurities
    • Safety not recommended for anyone under 18, women who are pregnant or nursing, diabetics, kidney patients those with fish allergies or anyone taking prescription medications
    • Content- 1 advance arginine 100gm, dosage as per label
  • Advance Nutratech Creatine Monohydrate Micronized Powder
    499 280
    • Scoop size 5 gm, creatine content 5 g per serve (suggested serving: flavored: 10gm and unflavored 5 gm) creatine works in cycle, so it must be taken higher doses in the beginning (creatine monoh)
    • Creatine monohydrate powder is useful for HIIT, CrossFit, martial arts and other high intensity workouts contents: vegetarian source, no after taste creatine increases the ability to produce energy
    • When to take: half an hour before workout: more creatine equals more ATP, the primary currency of cellular energy, more ATP means more power available to the muscles
    • Post workout: but don’t forget about the crucial post-exercise recovery opportunity after working out, your muscles have endured a fierce session of being torn up
    • How much to take: we recommend taking creatine half an hour before training and another immediately after for example, you could take the whole dose before you exercise or afterwards
  • Advance Nutratech L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
    1500 680
    • Enhanced recovery – muscle soreness is a regular struggle for bodybuilders and also recreational gym
    • Benefits of bcaa supplements – bcaas boost the testosterone and contribute significantly to muscle building
    • Bcaas at different times of the day – after waking up – it stops the breakdown of muscles
  • Advance Nutratech L-Leucine Amino Sports
    600 320
    • 60 Capsules: 500mg of pure l-leucine in each capsule
    • Purity tested in verified labs this will mixes really well into your post workout shake and 4-6 grams of it will have no effect on the taste of any drink
    • First, leucine is the amino acid the predominantly activates mTOR (the hormonal pathway that preserves your muscle mass) so for that purpose, using straight leucine will have a better effect
    • Leucine is ketogenic (makes ketone bodies for energy) as opposed to gluconeogenic (making blood sugar for energy) like valine does
    • How to drink: the key is to mix it with a slightly acidic drink i.e. Orange or apple juice or even pre workout drink and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, the leucine becomes much easier to drink
  • Advance Nutratech Bulkamino Egg White Powder
    1999 880
    • Best quality proteins: mass gain booster is comprised of high significance proteins
    • Each serving of mass gain booster provides 60 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber
    • Quality protein blend- this product contains a fast acting protein blend of 35 percent whey concentrate
    • Boost calories and give your body speedy recovery and best nutrition by adding mass gain booster
    • Mass gainer(powder) per 100gm calories: 390kcals protein: 
  • Advance Nutratech Beta-Alanine
    499 290
    • High purity: 100 percent pure powder, for anyone participating in sports that require explosive actions such as sprinting, weight training or boxing and those involved in prolonged endurance exercise
    • Contents: vegetarian source, no after taste, 100 percent pure material, no steroids
    • Serving size: 2 gm
    • Beta-alanine has a neutral taste that works well with a variety of flavourings

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